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Disposable Flowmeter Clip Mounting

Disposable Flowmeter Clip Mounting

This Disposable Turbine flow meter has low flow capabilities in a wide range of flow processes and is mainly developed to perform a fast exchange of the flow tube in single-use applications (for hygienic reasons with regards to usage in Pharmaceutical- and Bio medical industries).
Despite the name 'Single-use' these devices are also suitable for long- term measurement.

• Suitable for opaque liquids as well
• Performs a fast exchange of the flow tubes
• Flow Measuring through revolutionary Infra Red turbine rotor reflection
• Highly chemical and corrosive resistant PVDF
• PVDF meets all the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia Class VI
• The flow tube can be sterilized up to 140º C.
• Gamma radiation resistant up to 50 kGy

pdfDisposable PFA Flow Sensor with Clip Mounting 052019.pdf

pdfDisposable PVDF Flow Sensor with Clip Mounting 042019.pdf

MOVIE Clip Mounting Flowmeter 1080p


18 September 2019



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