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Molding Technology

Molding Technology

With custom-designed manifolds, Mitos Technologies, Inc. molds imagination into reality. Whether a foot-long piece of tubing with sanitary ends or a manifold with over 20 junctions, Mitos can mold single- or multi-use systems tailored to your application. Our proprietary technology allows for any configuration of Ys, Ts, crosses, reducers and elbows, with unlimited lengths between molds.

Each mold is molecularly bonded to the tubing by cross-linking of the elastomer chains. This permanent connection prevents product loss and contamination commonly experienced with hose barb failures. Internally, molds are seamless and crevice-free to eliminate entrapment areas and potential contamination.
Molded manifolds can be created out of mitos-P, mitos-C, mitos-R, and STA-PURE® tubing, or a combination of all styles. For more detail on molded Tri-Clamp® ends. Mitos molded manifolds are fully validated and delivered with a Certificate of Conformance.

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27 August 2017



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